Gilder/Coigney International Theatre Award Program 2023
 Nominations Are Now Open!
“And then, my children, in 1966 I met Rosamond (Gilder) and the ITI. The International Theatre Institute
was founded in 1948 in Prague. Rosamond went there with Clarence Derwent and Warren Caro at the
dawn of the Cold War, beyond the help or influence of American diplomacy. … I think Rosamond Gilder
founded or assisted at the birth of most of America’s theatre networks.  Rosamond brought a quiet
relentless passion to her work in spreading theatre knowledge across America …she helped America
become a nation of theatre.” – Martha Coigney
The League of Professional Theatre Women's (LPTW) Gilder/Coigney International Theatre Award Program was named to celebrate these two women, Rosamond Gilder and Martha Coigney who charted an enduring course that facilitates communication among theatre artists across the globe. Presented every three years, this Award acknowledges the exceptional work of theatre women around the world, promotes expanded visibility and new opportunities for the Awardee and her sister nominees, fosters connections and networking with LPTW members and local cultural institutions, and recognizes the contributions that an international theatre artist
has made to her culture and the lives of her audiences.  Past recipients include Odile Gakire Katese of Rwanda (2011), Patricia Ariza of Colombia (2014), Adelheid
Roosen of the Netherlands (2017) and Hanane Hajj Ali of Lebanon (2020). The Gilder/Coigney Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Franca Valeri in 2020. 

The GCITA Program includes a week of events that profile and celebrate all nominees and highlight the work of Theatre Women around the world, including the Award Ceremony, panel discussions, workshops, performances and receptions. The next Award Program will be held in October 2023.
The 2023 awardee will receive a $1,000 cash prize and a week-long trip to NYC, a full day celebration of her work curated by LPTW in collaboration with partner institutions, and opportunities to meet and network with NYC-based theatre companies and, artists and with her sister nominees.

Nominees are now being accepted until further notice.

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