LPTW Supports Nataki Garrett

The League of Professional Theatre Women (LPTW) is a nonprofit organization championing and
celebrating women in theatre. We represent a membership made of many diverse identities,
backgrounds, and disciplines. LPTW condemns the harassment and credible death threats that Nataki
Garrett - a professional theatre woman – has suffered because of the artistic choices she has made in
her position as the Artistic Director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF). No artist should fear for
her life or the safety of her family because of her professional theatre activities - especially one where
her goal is to promote inclusion and welcome marginalized audiences into a theatre space historically
lacking in diversity.
The primary function of LPTW, which was founded in 1982, is to support women who work as
professional theatre artists.  We work to increase the representation and visibility of women in theatre,
help them find success in their theatre discipline(s) and to be respected, credited and paid accordingly in
their work; we did not expect to have to advocate for such a basic matter as their safety from death
threats, but unfortunately, these are the times we are living in - times which call for change.
Brave artists like Nataki Garrett advocate for change - which is what terrifies the individuals who
threaten her. We ask not only our members, but everyone to speak out on her behalf and support her
work, as well as the increasing diversity of the OSF and its programming.
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