The League of Professional Theatre Women welcomes applications from all women who work in the professional theatre. At 
 the League we value diversity and encourage all women and women identifying theatre professionals to apply. Whether you begin your relationship with the League as an apprentice, affiliate, associate, or member you’ll find the benefits are substantial. Benefits include: 
  • Inclusion in searchable LPTW Member Directory
  • Access to the Members Only Portal
  • Digital directories and resources
  • Online member networking
  • Newsletters and publications
  • Marketing opportunities, career announcements
  • Skills development opportunities
  • Attendance at annual meeting (live or digitally)
  • Special event and programs
  • Access to all LPTW public activities and events in NYC and at local chapters
  • Early bird pricing and pre-public reservations for League programs
  • Found a chapter in your area
  • Join the LPTW board
  • Have a voice in the organization
  • Have a voice in the discussion about women and theatre on the local, regional, national and international level

and so much more!



Thank you for your interest in applying for membership to the League of Professional Theatre Women
Please read the directions below under the membership category that applies to you, and send us the required information.

Membership applications can be submitted at any time and are reviewed by the Membership Committee at their monthly meeting. Once approved by the Committee, they are passed on to the LPTW Board of Directors for approval by vote. All applications received before the third week of the month will be reviewed in time for the next meeting of the LPTW Board of Directors.

Please send ALL information directly to:
[email protected]
subject: Attention: Lynnie Godfrey, VP of Membership
1FULL Membership:
Requirement: a minimum of  3 years  of professional credits.
Please send the following: 
A) photo, 
B)  bio, 
C) resumé,
D) letter of intent
E) Two letters of recommendation, to be  sent  directly to [email protected] by the persons writing the recommendation:

 The writers may be:
1) Two active members of LPTW 
2) One active member of LPTW and one established theatre professional.
3)Two letters from established theatre or academic professionals
2. ASSOCIATE Membership:
Requirement: a minimum of 1 year of professional credits (credits of a training program will be accepted on a case-by-case basis), the rest is the same as above.
3. For INTERNATIONAL Membership 
Requirement: the same as for Full Membership (a minimum of 3 years of professional credits). The required materials are also the same, except only one letter of recommendation is needed.