Who We Are

The League of Professional Theatre Women (LPTW) is a membership organization championing women in theatre and advocating for increased equity and access for all theatre women. Our programs and initiatives create community, cultivate leadership, and increase opportunities and recognition for women working in theatre.


  • Provide support, networking and collaboration mechanisms for members.
  • Offer professional development and educational opportunities for all theatre women and the general public.
  • Celebrate the historic contributions and contemporary achievements of women in theatre, both nationally and around the globe.
  • Advocate for parity in employment, compensation and recognition for women theatre practitioners through industry-wide initiatives and public policy proposals
We invite you to be a part of the LPTW. 
We need your creativity, your voice, your activism!


Board and Staff

President – Lynnie Godfrey

Executive Vice President – Christine Cirker
VP of Membership –  Patricia B Snyder
Co-Secretaries –  Michole Biancosino & Susan Izatt
Treasurer – Malini Singh MacDonald

Board of Directors 

Ellen Clarkson

Annemarie Hagenaars
Kim Marie Jones
Tanya Khordoc
Jenna Lazar
Illana Stein
Cynthia Straus

Margot Astrachan
Linda Chapman
Joan Firestone
Yvette Heyliger
Shellen Lubin
Lorca Peress
Sheilah Rae
Harriet Slaughter
Ludovica Villar-Hauser
Administrative Director – Gabriella Rose Balsam
Bookkeeper – Timely Totals

Social Media Manager - Meg Gilbert


Theresa Rebeck
Daryl Roth

Margot Astrachan 
Andre Bishop 
Rachel Chavkin 
Lisa D’Amour 
Jane Harmon 
Enid Nemy 
Lynn Nottage 
Estelle Parsons 
Phylicia Rashad 
Sarah Ruhl 
Tim Sanford 
Elizabeth Williams

Ludovica Villar-Hauser 2022-2023
Katrin Hilbe 2021-2023
Mary E. Hodges 2020-2022

Shellen Lubin 2019-2021
Catherine Porter 2018-2020
Kelli Lynn Harrison 2017-2019
Lisa Rothe 2016-2018
Carmel Owen 2015-2017
Pamela Hunt 2014-2016
Maxine Kern 2013-2015
Lorca Peress 2011-2014
Kristin Marting 2011-2013
Rachel Reiner 2009-2011
Naomi Grabel 2009-2011
Lynne Rogers 2007-2009
Joan Firestone 2005-2007
Sheilah Rae 2003-2005
Harriet Slaughter 1999-2003, 2005-2007
Isobel Robins 1999-2003
Shari Upbin 1994-1999
Kathleen Gaffney 1992-1994
Amie Brockway 1992-1994
Lynda Sturner 1988-1992
Berenice Weiler 1988-1992
Billie Allen 1984-1988
Doris Cole Abrahams 1984-1988
Julia Miles 1982-1984
*also on Advisory Council